Living Stone Farm

This week’s spotlight farmer: Paola Livingstone of Living Stone Farm!! Living Stone Farm is a new vendor to Local Foods Plymouth and sells fresh produce, organically fed guinea hen, goose, chicken, turkey and duck meat and is a local breeder of rabbits, ducks, chickens, goslings, guinea hens and peacocks. The beautiful 50 acre property was purchased by the Livingstones in May of 2020. Now, only 15 months later, they have turned the land into a working farm. Of course, the transformation has required a “farmer’s grit” as they have been tirelessly building structures for animals, constructing innovative mobile chicken tractors to rotate their flocks, and adding vegetable gardens. The Livingstones raise fowl for meat and eggs, but Paola is also a breeder. She brings something essential to the breeding world; she’s interested in raising animals that have almost reached extinction. Paola’s Sebastopol geese are endangered and have an unmistakable “fancy” look. Paola’s Erminette chickens are a rare dual purpose bird. Seldomly do you see heritage meat birds like Bieldefelders and guinea hen meat. And to top it all off, she breeds peacocks.Living Stone Farm’s motto is Growing Wild with Purpose, and they are doing just that. Paola and Edmund are taking on the challenge of building their farm with wholeheartedness and with their mission in mind. They are dedicated not only to feeding their 3 children wholesome nutritious food, but their community as well. By purchasing products from Local Foods Plymouth you are helping farmers like the Livingstones reach their goals and feed our community.

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