Oxbow Road Farm

This week’s spotlight farmer: Annie Hager of Oxbow Road Farm!!! Annie is a new vendor to Local Foods Plymouth and sells beautiful blueberries, incredible raspberries and gorgeous flowers. We had the pleasure of visiting the Hager’s property this week and learning about the farm. The property’s oldest building dates back to 1780. The Hagers purchased the property in 1990 and are the third family to own the farm. The Hagers spent endless weekends and countless hours rehabbing the existing buildings, moving buildings to the land from other parts of the state and restoring and shaping the landscape to the eye-catching paradise it is today. The farm’s 156 acres is under a conservation easement and while the history of the land is rich with stories of traditional farming practices, Annie is now looking to the future. How do you create a sustainable farm that can adapt to a rapidly changing climate is a question that not only Annie is asking, but farmers everywhere are asking. By purchasing products from Local Foods Plymouth, you are helping to support our local farmers and are therefore a part of their journey. A big thank you to everyone who participates in Local Foods Plymouth and to Annie for letting us take a peak into her world.

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