1. What can you buy on LFP?

There is a wide variety of products available for purchase year-round: meats, eggs, maple syrup, honey, baked goods, jams and jellies, milk, and cheeses, personal care items. Depending on the growing season, produce is abundant. We also have hot and greenhouse produce during the shoulder seasons. Apples and other storage crops (such as carrots, beets, garlic, winter squash, greenhouse-grown tomatoes) may be available throughout the winter months. LFP also has locally roasted coffee, pre-made meals, condiments and non-food items such as soap and sometimes yarns. Please be aware that not all products are organic and that ingredients are not listed in all cases: contact the vendor if you have questions about ingredients.

2. How do I pay for my products?

You can pay using PayPal, a credit card, personal check, or money order. When using PayPal or credit card, you will automatically be redirected to the PayPal site. If using PayPal, be sure to finalize your order by clicking on the orange “Pay Now” button. If using a credit card, click the credit card logo, the orange “Review Order and Continue button”, and then the “Pay Now” button. If using checks or money orders, please bring a blank check when you pick-up your products.

3. Where and when do I pick up my order?

Pick up your orders on Thursdays at the PAREI Office, 300 North Main St, Plymouth between 3:30 and 5:30 pm. For your convenience. You will be notified of exact dates in the buyer letter and on this website.

4. I have just tried to order products, but I see “Store Closed” when trying to add a product to my shopping cart. What’s going on?

LFP is only “live” for buying Saturday afternoon through Wednesday morning at 7:00. Feel free to browse products on any day of the week to see what you might expect in subsequent weeks. Purchasing is limited in duration so on Wednesdays we can let our farmers/vendors know what they have sold.

5. How do I know if my order went through? There are quite a few steps involved.

When you place an order, you should receive an order confirmation from Local Foods Plymouth, and, if you paid using Paypal or credit card, a payment confirmation from PayPal. Additionally, your shopping cart should be empty. If you do not receive a confirmation email(s) please go through the order process again.

6. Why the additional fee and how much am I charged?

When you order through LFP, you will notice a small “product” fee is added to your order at checkout. It totals 3% of your purchases, and is used to help with LFP’s operating costs. You may also see a 7% fee for non-members ~ you can become a member: with membership, to avoid this 7% fee.

7. What is a membership?

An annual membership helps support the mission and operation of the Local Foods Plymouth organization. You purchase a membership here at this website for $50, which is good for 365 days from the date of purchase. During the membership period, you pay only the 3% product fee. Memberships for students is $15.00. Memberships to our Farm to Desk Project vary: please contact us for more information.

8. What about membership renewals?

You can renew a membership at any time which will add an additional 365 days to your membership period. You get full credit for any days/months which still exist on your current membership.

9. How can I check my membership status?

Just login to your customer account and click on the “My Account” link in the upper right corner of any page. Your membership status, including the number of days remaining in your membership period displays in a yellow highlighted box.

10. What happens if I’m unsatisfied with a product?

We are proud of the local farmers/vendors who participate in LFP. If for whatever reason you have a question or concern about any product you receive, please contact the farmer or vendor directly. Contact information for each farm is available in each farmer/vendor bios.

11. How can I begin receiving the weekly reminder emails?

We send Buyer Letters via email on Saturday afternoon each week. This Buyer Letter serves as a reminder with a link to the LFP site and highlights new products. News and events from the farms, and occasional recipes will be updated on the website whenever possible. To begin receiving this email, either click on the “Contact Us” link or send an email to localfoodsplymouth@gmail.com.

12. I have signed up to receive the email, but I have not gotten one yet.

If you haven’t received a “Buyer Letter” via email within one week of requesting to be added, please check your spam folder. We send the emails in large batches, and occasionally, spam filters think they know what’s best for you!

13. I am a local farmer, grower or baker, and I would like to participate in LFP. How do I get started?

Simple! You can email us at localfoodsplymouth@gmail.com. We will contact you shortly to discuss products, processes and to have you fill out an application. If you have photos of your farm and products and a bio, please include those as well; if not, we can help with that process.

14. Are all products organic and non-allergenic?

Not all products are organic. Nor do can we confirm whether the products contain allergens. We are in the process of developing a glossary of terms that vendors can use when listing their products. This will help inform our buyers as to what they are buying. Note that in some case (such as with sausages) there are added ingredients such as herbs, spices and/or preservatives. Please contact the vendors if you want more information about their products.