Local Foods Plymouth’s (LFP) mission is to connect local farmers to community members in order to grow and strengthen local agriculture and food producers and support our local economy. By offering a weekly, year-round, online farmers market, we serve as one of the primary local food “hubs” for farmers in Grafton County. 


Local Foods Plymouth aims to encourage our community members to become more aware of and help sustain our local food producers to enable easier access to fresh, local foods. By providing our community with an avenue to reduce its foodprint*, LFP plays an important role in reducing our community’s overall energy consumption.


Local Foods Plymouth is a program of the Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative located in Plymouth, NH.


*Your daily habits around your food choices all have an impact on our environment, animals, and people. The food system, which includes production, packaging, transportation and disposal of everything we eat, accounts for one third of global greenhouse gas emissions. Everything you eat leaves behind a print – a Foodprint – some more harmful than others. Reference: footprint.org