2 oz. Lavender-Aloe Hand Sanitizer Pocket & Purse Sanitizer Spray (glass bottle)


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Product Description

2 oz. Aloe You Very Much Lavender Sanitizer Spray in Glass Bottle

Trying to keep your hands clean AND moisturized? We have the answer. Our luxurious lavender hand sanitizer spray is made with the highest quality ingredients: 99.9% isopropyl alcohol, distilled water, hydrogen peroxide, organic aloe juice, lavender essential oil, and Vitamin E. After the spray has been rubbed in, your hands are left feeling extra soft with a light, pleasing scent. Because we’ve loaded up the aloe & Vit. E for you, you may notice a bit of separation after sitting for a while–that is easily solved simply with a quick turn of the bottle before spraying.

Sold in our signature glass bottles, these are perfect for purse & pocket. Keep your bottles–refills will be available at the summer market when the weather is warm, and you can also purchase pints of refills here.

Please limit to two per customer–supplies are not short and there will be more available in the future! Thank you!