High Altitude Tree Farm is a 75-acre property located on the lower slopes of Bald Mountain and Chandler Hill on Mason Road in Campton, New Hampshire.
The property is a portion of the former White Mountain Orchard, operated commercially until the early 1990’s. Since 2014 we have worked to “bring back” the orchard which had been neglected for the previous 25 years.

We engage in holistic management practices by choosing to work with Nature and not against it.  We choose not to use harmful chemicals for pest- and weed-control.  Our orchard spray consists of pure neem oil and seaweed extract along with other natural products that boost the trees’ own defenses to help maintain a healthy orchard. Our management practices go beyond what is considered organic. As a result, our apples might be considered slightly less than “perfect” in appearance but they are perfectly nutrient-dense and free of harmful chemicals – just as Nature intended.

We strategically mow our fields and orchards allowing ongoing bloom to support our honey bees (and monarchs!). Instead of using chemical herbicides, we periodically hand-prune unwanted vegetation from around our Christmas trees. Because of “vegetative competition” our Christmas trees are not the common cookie-cutter shape – rather, each one is unique – just as Nature intended.

We feed our pasture-raised livestock only non-GMO feed and farm-raised vegetables and fruits, free of harmful herbicides and pesticides.

Local, sustainable and humanely cared for. See and taste the difference.
Pure and simple – just as Nature intended.

High Altitude Tree Farm

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