Volunteer With Us!


Volunteers are an important part of our team and help us in many different ways. We appreciate everyone who gives us the gift of their time. Whenever or whatever you do as a volunteer, you will make a difference. There are a few different ways you can volunteer with Local Foods Plymouth and with Little Gardens Everywhere, below are ways in which you can help.

1. Delivery Driver

We offer a home delivery service to everyone ordering from LFP and need drivers to help deliver orders to people’s homes on Thursdays.

2. Parking Lot Attendant

We always need help on pickup day, Thursdays, in the parking lot. Parking lot pickup volunteers help bring orders to people’s cars and help with directing cars where to go.

3. Weeding/Garden Work

We always need help at our Pavilion location at The Public Garden. We want to continue to expand our edible garden at the pavilion and there is always weeding and or watering to be done.

4. Serve on a Committee

We have annual fundraisers that need help in many different ways.

5. Website Tutorials

We have some users that need additional help ordering and learning the Local Foods Plymouth website.


If any of the above volunteer opportunities interest you please let us know, or if there’s something else you had in mind, let us know that as well. Our mission at Local Foods is to create a large farmer/buyer community by connecting consumers with farmers and local foods/goods vendors in a way that is fast, easy and helps reduce everyone’s carbon footprint. LFP started in 2006 as the first online farmers market in the country with the goal of strengthening local agriculture and increasing the amount of food grown locally. D’Acres and the Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative worked together to create the program using a small start-up grant from the USDA. Since then we have worked with over a hundred farmers and vendors over the years selling local food to over a thousand community buyers. We are thrilled you would like to join our mission and thank you again for your interest in volunteering.

Make An Impact

To volunteer for Local Foods Plymouth or any of PAREI’s programs (or committees) please email your interest to PAREI Volunteer Coordinator Caryn Shield at volunteer@plymouthenergy.org